After four years I’m going to end this comic. It’s been fun, but this comic is starting to feel more like an obstacle rather than an outlet for my dumb (or, dare I say, stoopid?) ideas. I wanna try my hand at something a little more long-formĀ and substantial, something where I actually take my time to try and get everything right instead of winging it or just not caring enough to bother. This site will be up for another year, then after that it’ll probably disappear into the ether. That doesn’t mean all of these comics will disappear, no sir. There’s a tumblr account (LINK) that should be up until tumblr explodes ’cause it doesn’t actually take money to keep going. It’s not as clean or as easy to get around, but it is what it is. Also, I have another tumblr which has more art and junk on it (LINK) which I will continue to upload to. So yeah, three more updates and then that’s it. Thanks for sticking around for this odd little ride. Or maybe you’ve only read a couple comics here and there. That works, too. As long as you’ve liked something on here at some point, that’s all I could ask for.