Instead of uploading a comic twice a week (which I didn’t do this week), I’m gonna start only uploading once a week (which I just now did). I want to start working on other projects besides this and try to update my side tumblr/blog/thing (SoStoopid) more often than the once a month (barely) I tend to do now. This comic is by no means a time sink, but for some time now it feels like I’m uploading just to stick to this self-imposed schedule and therefore a lot of these are starting to feel half-assed in both art and writing. Not that I expect a huge difference in those areas after switching to only once a week, but I’d rather try and put more focus on one decent comic rather than two meh ones. Or have one comic idea I like suffer in some way just for the sake of a lesser one. Maybe once I actually become a productive bag of guts I’ll go back to twice a week. But for now the new upload schedule will be every Thursday. Thanks.