In case it hasn’t been obvious based on some of my comics, I’m a fan of KC Green and his comics (at least the ones that I have read). So I thought I’d do a couple of comics to show my appreciation for his work. Which basically means rip it off and do something slightly different with it, but I digress. In case you are not aware of KC Green and his work, here are a few links:




That last one is pretty important. Basically (in case you don’t know what it is) it’s a way to pay the content creators whose work you like, usually on a monthly basis and for a price of your choosing. In other words, it’s an optional pay-what-you-want subscription. But as he says, KC is creating Good Shit; if you like his good shit, you should consider becoming a patron of his. Did I use that semi-colon correctly in the last sentence? Who knows? I don’t. Oh well, that isn’t important right now. Consider giving some money to KC Green. And if you can’t, uh… don’t? He probably doesn’t want you to go hungry or anything like that. It’s merely a suggestion.