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Stoopid is a comic where I draw whatever idea that pops into my head that I think is funny/silly/amusing/so stupid I can’t ignore it. Is it more than that? Who knows, I certainly don’t. But I enjoy doing it even when I don’t enjoy doing it, so there’s that. And I hope you enjoy it too, even when you don’t enjoy it. But in case you don’t enjoy it at all, here’s some comics that I recommend wholeheartedly:

The Abominable Charles Christopher

Doctor Cat

Dubble Baby

Extra Ordinary

Floor Bread

Garfield Minus Garfield


Hark! A Vagrant :

(To be honest, I’ve only read about half-a-dozen of these, but I enjoyed them so much they made me angry. Jealously and envy and whatnot. Maybe I’ll grow up one o’ these days and actually read all of them.)


Manly Guys Doing Manly Things


Penny Arcade

The Perry Bible Fellowship

Question Duck


Time For Hugs:

(I’ve met the creator in real life and he’s a nice fellow.)

The Trenches

White Ninja




Oh, and while I feel this is a tad unnecessary to put up here, nevertheless here it is:

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